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China's Future pdf

China's Future by David Shambaugh

China's Future

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China's Future David Shambaugh ebook
Publisher: Wiley
Page: 144
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781509507146

Mentorship: Stewards of China's future. China's shrinking workforce is an issue. Daniel Lynch seeks to answer the simple but rarely asked question: how doChina's own leaders and other elite figures assess their country's future? Xi, the PLA and China's Future. James Canton Global futurist, keynote presenter, adviser and Game-Changer. Andy Nathan, professor of political science at Columbia University, discusses thefuture of China with Foreign Affairs Editor Gideon Rose. Until recently, China's economy grew rapidly, thanks to a booming Together, the debt overhang and excess capacity will limit future growth. CEO, the Institute for Global Futures. China accounts for 7% of total agricultural acreage globally, while feeding 22% with Chinese farmers to create chemistry for the sustainable future of farming. Research efforts to analyse China's future energy system increased tremendously over the past decade. When you look at China, are you looking at its past or at its future?

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